Thursday, August 14, 2014

Naomi's Birthday

Naomi turned three years old a whole month ago! I've been a little crazy with my etsy shop, check it out here
But I'm hoping to post more regularly since I am a whole month behind!

Naomi loves so many things and couldn't quite decide on a theme for her party. Even on the actual day she kept switching which pony she wanted for her My Little Pony cake (Applejack, Sunset Shimmer, or Twilight Sparkle). I eventually made an executive decision and we went with Applejack!

She had a great party though! I think her favorite present was a helium balloon one of her friends brought... go figure!

She loves to dress up and changes outfits several times a day. She's desperate to go to England, visit her cousins in Washington and go to the bounce house. Her and Dallen get into as much trouble as possible whenever the opportunity presents itself. She thinks she's as old as Makayla and wants to do everything she does.

Naomi had several people call for her birthday (thank you!) and she would carry the phone into her room, close the door and proceed to talk as long as possible. We sure do love her!

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  1. Should have gone as Taco Tinkle, my favorite My Little Pony.